8 Sep 2007

All his meanings are destroyed

Life is a complex puzzle
With the core pieces missing
The lionesses are bitching
While the harmless snakes are hissing

The puzzle parts are scattered
The lonely soul is battered
Her left eye is twitching
The disgruntled lovers are kissing
While their insides are hopelessly shattered

The lionesses are now tame
The disgruntled lovers
Still on a partner hunt
Can’t even remember each others name
And the lonely soul, you wonder?
Well... Keep wondering. Sucker.

zaza at 12:07 pm

7 angels shot me


at September 08, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

VEry well written.And so true indeed.Theres nothing more i can say.Sob:-(

at September 09, 2007 Blogger Jay Cam said...

i didnt really understand that...sorry

at September 09, 2007 Blogger Jay Cam said...

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at September 09, 2007 Blogger annie said...

That hit it! Way to go..

at September 09, 2007 Blogger Nothingman said...

The last line, keep wondering sucker, comes likea punch in the face. but no real threats in the poem though...would be fun if it were more dangerous :)


at September 09, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

akanksha + annie: its pretty wierd and twisted but glad you like it (though i was bout to pass out after i wrote it :s )

jay cam: look deeper and read btwn the lines :) i left a comment on urz, link me up & thnx for droppin by!

nothingman: haha constructive criticism - appriciated. i didnt really think about wht i was writing, but now that i loook back i see what u mean. thankU!

at September 09, 2007 Blogger Ashu said...

Bang on!!!!


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