4 Sep 2007

Every single one of us is in love.

Almost all the blogs I came across are written by people who are literally dying for someone who doesn’t seem to give two shits about how they feel.

She loves him, he doesn’t love her, he loves another girl, this other girl doesn’t love him, this other girl loves someone else, and this someone else doesn’t love this girl. Etc.

I wish I was numb all of a sudden.
I wish I couldn’t feel.

I wish for so much more.

It hurts so much that I don’t know what to do anymore.

zaza at 7:28 pm

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at September 05, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hey, I am one person who is optimistic about life.
I am sure there are others as well, but for those who are not, i am sure good things are around the corner.
Remember, that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

at September 05, 2007 Blogger annie said...

Hey..this is so bloody true!Freakin love and messed up lives.

at September 05, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

A season of heartbreaks. Really if this is the end result of being in love, then stayin away from love seems wise choice

at September 05, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

oopsomehow u seem to have struck the right chord..i too feel the same way, everyone around seems to be bitten by the love bug and recovering by a heartbreak. but dont worry dear..things will be fine soon.Tk cr. and cheer up...u find some happy stuff too...just try and find where it is...

at September 06, 2007 Blogger Rajeev said...

hehe! Love sucks and fucks as well! :P

at September 08, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

raaji: yeh im optimistic too but, you kno, life does take the shit out of you sometimes doesnt it.

annie: yea..sucks!

ashu: even if you stay away from love, sometimes it haunts you. i mean sometimes things just happen, and you have no control

akanksha: thanx girl, things are much better.

jeevy: bingo! love sucks and fks up lives to such an extenntttttttttttt keh bas! :)

at September 09, 2007 Blogger asheyy said...

oh ... so so true..:)


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