15 Sep 2007

i wonder what has gotten into me lately.
i cannot believe im saying this.

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai,
Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai,
Kay Sharab Peena Sikha Diya,
Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai ,
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Dia.

[ at a glance from the cup-bearer
i gulped the whole cup of wine in one draught
and thus got intoxicated ]

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

i used to think this sorta music was for lame-assed suckers,
or old men waiting for death to come claim them.

noooo. no oh no.
man. i was so so wrong. judgemental.

one song is enough to kill you.
i dont know about his other songs,
but this one is next level shit, i tell you.

partly coz it makes me feel absolutely numb,
partly coz the lyrics are emotionally drenched,
partly coz his voice pierces thy heart,
partly coz it reminds me of a moron who lives in my soul,
and refuses to evaporate.

im still hunting for the Jeff Buckley version.
and im still waiting for him to evaporate...

...knowing it aint ever happening.

zaza at 5:41 pm

10 angels shot me


at September 15, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed you were wrong..you were so very much wrong about this genre & about him but i am glad your opinion's changed..indeed his voice & his tracks are highly addictive..

at September 15, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i like this song. i always have.
It is just wicked.

Evaporation is the process that takes time but it does happen eventually.
I know good things are just around the corner for you.
Take care!

at September 15, 2007 Blogger ...Vindicated... said...

Its a killer song.. beats any deathmetal fiasco ive heard in a kick ass way...

oh boy no wonder he hit his grave so soon sharaab pey pey ker mery geya khoteya (mota)! lol...

Try "kisey da yar na wichrey" by NFAK.... it reminds me of gfbabl...!

at September 17, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has got magical voice. Though never heard more of his songs other than what he sang in movies in India, but he s got the messemerizing voice.

and the songs kill you when the wordings relate to what you feel at the moment.

You have been a wonderful writer Zaby, truely awesome!!!!

Take care,


at September 17, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

Dont wait for him to evaporate...if u have decided u dont want him...just make him evaporate.Take care. >:D<

at September 18, 2007 Anonymous afeefee said...

akanksha is rite...

at September 18, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

illusion: ya! i know now naa! better late than never

raaji: in this instance, time = lifetime :s i hope gud things are around the corner too, lets see

vin: ah, thanks but one of his songs is enuff to last me a lifetime, n dont call him mota yaar! *reSpect the DeaD*

ashu: aw thanks :) il send this one to u online when we do get a chance to talk. i keep missing u online, i hope we can talk soon

ank + afeefee: IF ive decided i dont want him? not wanting him is just outta bloody question..

@ all: thnx fer droppin by. zaza

at September 19, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where r u zaby ?

at September 19, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

im here meri dost, will update tonight..

at September 19, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

u know honey, wait for ya daily on msn. wish when it would come true ?


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