26 Sep 2007

perhaps i ought to sharrap now about how much it hurts blah blah. not that the intensity of my louve is ever changing [might increase] i write like im about to die coz when i write i AM about to die...but yeah, i guess everyones sick of me complaining. im getting a bit sick of writing the same thing over and over. i just had chicken sausages and cheese. omg. i want some more but ive eaten them all. free all day today. going to see Raymond in a bit. will tell him all about YOU and see what he has to say. he might just put his hand on his heart like he did before, but i seriously doubt it because i dont exactly feel highly optimistic and i dont think he would put his hand on his heart knowing how things currently are. though things are a tiny bit better and im not complaining coz something is better than nothing. the whole thing is messed up. he might tell me to keep holding on. or even if he tells me to let go, do you really think i will? if there was nothing to hold onto i would have let go a long long time back. dude. men are dogs. but not you. maybe its because youre not a man. thoughts of you are corroding me. there you go, creeping into my posts again. get out. grrr. and oh yea, i still havent changed that password. i did, but its almost the same as what it was before. my ebay user name is pretty fkd up too...im trying to think of what life was like before you came but im getting nowhere with it coz i cant seem to think what life was like before you came. ahh i dont know. i listened to John Mayer after what seems like forever. your body is a wonderland.

after he mutates, angels descend. jaded. and [even then] we experience dilemmas. amazingly, his mystification and desire just allow wierdo [to] embrace [their] dreams.

zaza at 9:35 am

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at September 26, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

Well..just be optimistic sweety..things wil chnge for sure!
Try Try and try...u'll tch the sky!!!
BTW i posted an english version of the poem...please ahev a look if u ahev time.tk cr

at September 26, 2007 Blogger s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hey really nice blog.. loved ur template.. wish i cud design sumtin like tht....
just 1 request.. pls change ur sidebar font colour... cant read nytin..

at September 26, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

yara I so wish things get better and better for you!!

at September 27, 2007 Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ said...

mmm i wanna have chicken too.. :D

on a series note, although i do not know who you are talkin about.. anyway, stay +ve.. things will work out just fine :-)

p.s-thanks for visitin my blog :-)
p.p.s-ur template just scared the shit outta me!! :-p

at September 27, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

akanksha: i ammmmm i ammm i ammmm, the sky seems s0 far away

shashi: thankU very muchly. a friend designed it for me

lunatic: i hope the same, hope youre well

busy writer: ah thanks fer cawmenting, haha did it really? :p


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