11 Sep 2007

xtremly random thoughts

im telling myself i dont care.
its been forever.
people forget, dont they?
but not me.

cant you just evaporate?
your boiling point is extremely high.
no wonder you cant evaporate from my head.
where on the Periodic Table do you live?

my heart is aching.
and i swear i cant take it anymore.
get out of my head, dammit.

im angry coz it hurts.
i shouldnt.
who am i to feel angry?
im nothing. invisible.
you cant see me.

love. haha. love, dammit love.
we all know what love is. don't we?

my love has touched the skies,
and now the skies are bursting open.

its something out of this world.


zaza at 10:05 pm

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at September 12, 2007 Blogger Keshi said...

as random as it can get :) good one.

**love. haha. love, dammit love.
we all know what love is. don't we?

to me Love is always in my heart...not in the other person. WHY?


at September 12, 2007 Blogger Ashu said...

Zaby baby, you deserve a tight tight hug from me. Awwww thats so touchy.........I m feelin thats my extension........

Gurl, you and me are so similar, hurt in love. Yet cant get over it.

Take care,


at September 12, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

Heartbreaks..:-( Y isnt there an end to them??? Y did god make hearts as brittle as glass????

at September 13, 2007 Blogger Bonne Foi said...

I know how it feels to be hurt in love. That feeling of despair... helplessness... Just cant get over it...

But the way I feel it right now, it hurts even more is when you end up hurting someone you have truly loved...

Blogrolled ya

at September 13, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

oh, i love these short blurbs and the way you have the colors and stuff... you are so creative!
love you!

at September 14, 2007 Blogger Kalyan said...

Nice thoughts & beautifully crafted in words...love is such a wonderful feeling, isn't it!

at September 14, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

Yes indeed we all do know what love IS..i liked the way you've penned down your random thoughts:)

at September 15, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

thanks everyone,
zaza likes comments on posts


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