24 Sep 2007

you know everytime i call you my hands shake. when i see you, the words will stop flowing and i will choke on my thoughts. the million and one things i want to say to you will decrease drastically to nil. life will come to a point where everything will stand still. you will smile and walk towards me. i might pass out so you may need to lift me up. you will whisper in my ear that this is for real and i aint dreaming like i usually do. i will look after you and cater to your every need; ensure your clothes are ironed properly and that you are well-fed. nothing will matter. we will claim forever and we will be whole again. this love isnt love, its something much more than that. as if you dont already know.

'and if this aint love, i dont know what love is'

zaza at 12:41 pm

9 angels shot me


at September 24, 2007 Anonymous iloveyoutoo, im fucked said...

total eclipse of the heart

at September 24, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...


at September 25, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

ah tats so much intense and yes this is love!!

at September 25, 2007 Blogger annie said...

Oyeleh...many dont understand what real love is dear.

at September 25, 2007 Anonymous zaza said...

lunatic: thanks for commenting, where have u been?

annie: yuppie

at September 26, 2007 Blogger asheyy said...

ok.. forgive me for sounding weird..
but i have an entry in my personal diary which is ALMOST the exact thing which you just wrote..
soo.. i dont have to say this..
but i will..
"i can totalllly relate" to the whole thing

at September 27, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

asheyy: that aint wierd. makes me think that perhaps im not the onli mad person around :s

at September 27, 2007 Blogger asheyy said...

true, true.. you're not ...

so umm.. are we the only mad people around zazafeefi? =/

at September 30, 2007 Blogger Jay Cam said...

that happened to me
i know what u mean..


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