7 Oct 2007

arright. you know what. we mortals are all ships. some of us sailing on top of the surface, some of us wrecked and resting at the bottom of the sea bed,. some stranded in the vast ocean and waiting for the rescue team to come save us, some facing the storms and letting the high tides engulf us, some ships have holes in them [no i dont mean that we have an asshole, i just mean that theres a hole in the ship that signifies that something is missing]. so. which one are you?! you could be all of them at once, or a few of them at one time. i consider myself as the one thats wrecked and rests at the bottom of the sea bed. thats not to say im pessimistic. because one day, someones gonna find these pieces and tell a great story. titanic-esque. i dont know what im writing. my mind isnt functioning properly. i miss you terribly. there are 6,445,820,979 people in the world. Encarta told me so. now out of 6,445,820,979, all i want is 1. it wouldnt make any difference if i took out one person out of such a great number na. are you with me? do you get me, or am i talking shit again?

zaza at 8:42 pm

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