21 Oct 2007

His life

He wakes up,
After yet another night
Of forlorn dreams,
Only to find that the dull ache,
At the back of his mind,
Hasn’t yet gone,
He stretches and yawns,
He kisses the imaginary girl beside him,
Before putting his T-shirt on,
Black and white. Striped.

Runs down the stairs,
After combing his hair,
And putting on a clean pair,
Of blue boxer shorts.
Starts the engine of his car,
And drives on a path
That leads him to destiny.
The color of his car
Exactly the same as his insides.

Tracy plays on the radio,
Something about a fast car,
He sings along
To his favourite song,
Loud and proud,
Occasionally looking over,
At the silver lining of his cloud,
A silver marker in his hand,
So he can go over the line,
Incase it appears to be slightly fading,
Whispering curses to other drivers,
Curses that are slightly degrading.

Drives faster and carries on going,
The frown lines on his face apparent and showing,
His pain and ache, multiplying and growing,
He is the master of disaster, who won’t ever marry.
Playing hide and seek with his unkind mind,
Losing things and never being able to find,
Wondering why life is hazy and unclear,
Wondering why she is far,
Yet ever so near.

His heart bleeding,
His mind corroded with fictitious facts,
And his one true admirer being buried,
Her virginity intact.
He parks up his car,
Under a shade providing tree
His silver marker sucked dry,
And that lining all faded,
His body aching,
His soul jaded.

Broken pieces of life all over,
Refusing to become one,
Like the remainders of bodies,
Scattered like flotsam,
After a bloody war.
But each piece placed perfectly,
Right before his very eyes,
Yet he is unable to
Make sense of them.

Zainab Bhatti

zaza at 9:38 pm

3 angels shot me


at October 22, 2007 Blogger Rajeev said...

hey how've u been!
longtime. sorry was not around! :)
nice poem btw! :)

peace & love

at October 23, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

Wondering why life is hazy and unclear,
Wondering why she is far,
Yet ever so near.

I loved the intensity in it & the above lines said it all for me:)

at October 23, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

hey jeevy im alright,

acha illusions? i liked the fact that he was carrying around a silver marker to go over the lining of that silver cloud: what. a. cool. dude. :D


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