6 Oct 2007

i do not have the words to thank You.
i swear. uff Allah.
i feel like such a shithead.
thank You for for showing me the light,
thank You for making things the way you made them.
either keep them the same for now,
or better them.

i cried out of happiness today,
its a very wierd feeling. haha.
like, youre happy but youre crying.
just letting the tears flow.

things are soo 'alright' that it hurts,
i think 'could things get any better?'
and deep down somewhere, i know they will.
i still think im dreaming.
i louve you very muchly.

'all the matter in the World is how much that i like you.' - birds, kate nash

maybe i like you even more than that.
fuck maybe. because i know i do.
the Truth remains.

yes you all can call me a psycho.
coz im not making sense.
but i know what i mean.
the Sun is shining.


zaza at 10:26 pm

1 angels shot me


at October 07, 2007 Blogger Ashu said...

take care gurl. you make sense in letting kno wots in ur pure heart


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