29 Nov 2007

I hold his hand, sometimes, and I find myself hoping that he would read my mind. But I take into account that this bitch of a reality is too unkind. This strong force of invisible love that surrounds us is so convincing, but no one really cares if two hearts are mincing. A blow to my head might cause my brains to spill but if you hold me close I don’t think it will. We can do it on the couch or we can do it on the table but be careful, my love, I’m emotionally unstable.

zaza at 6:07 pm

6 angels shot me


at November 29, 2007 Anonymous afifi said...


at November 29, 2007 Anonymous afifi said...

i mean couch...same thing.

at November 29, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

:s who are you, afifi?

at November 30, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

now where have you learnt to write so articulately. I just love your pieces!

at November 30, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really ARE sick!!!11!


at November 30, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

raaji thanks :)

kamra you dimwit, its poetry. its obvious that ur a typical pakistan who doesnt understand poetry. loser


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