3 Nov 2007

You can sell your ass to get a person out of trouble. And once that trouble is over, the person will forget you ever sold your ass for them so you can forget you ever sold your ass. Damn. Though you know that was to happen in the first place. Double damn. Fuckety fuck damn.

That is life. I’m trying to change it. I hate it.
I’m thinking I should smoke some weed.
Just for the thrill, for the love of ‘dares’
Yes I should. I must.
I must.

Or maybe we should smoke together.
Me and you. You and me. Us.

I guess I’ll wait.
Misery is such an asshole.

zaza at 7:52 pm

6 angels shot me


at November 03, 2007 Blogger c e e d y said...

weed is good stuff - ;)
gives you that floaty feeling to forget this wretched world....

like the use of the word fuck....

at November 04, 2007 Blogger Ashu said...

shud i smoke wid ya ? Blow out the misery together ?

at November 04, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

Let me share this track with you as this post of yours reminded me of it!
Though i am not sure that you'd like it but still here it is -->

at November 05, 2007 Blogger Rashi said...

Hey girlie...2 things to praise..

one amazing template of ages I got to see...gives life to everything..

nice post again...I think I can somehow relate to it...though My idea is, keep ur cool...life sucks..thru diff. ways...keep goin'

at November 05, 2007 Blogger Paul J said...

hmm. if i sold my ass it would make me a male prostitute.

at November 06, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

ceedy: i might try it sometime with my husband. now lets pray hes kind enuff to let me do that :]

ashu: yeh. it wont work. cos it might dull the pain but it cant be blown out..

illusion: heh thanks, its tking ages to load cos my intunnet is super slow magar il listen 2 it at home

rashi: thanks and thanks. loads.

paul: i dont mean it literally :]


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