18 Dec 2007

fuck blogging. fuck emotions. fuck family. fuck darkness. fuck fancy clothes. fuck makeup. fuck love. fuck her. fuck natures law. fuck reality. fuck the world. fuck death. fuck weed. fuck perfection. fuck your flaws. fuck the past. fuck the hereafter. fuck writers. fuck philosophers. fuck beliefs. fuck relatives. fuck friends. fuck coffee. fuck inspiration. fuck enigma. fuck illusions. fuck pictures. fuck songs. fuck pain. fuck marriage. fuck agony. fuck your kids. fuck memories. fuck heartache. fuck what the future holds. fuck optimism. fuck interests. fuck psychos. fuck life. fuck selfish souls. fuck creativity. fuck plagarism. fuck torture. fuck my mind. fuck what you want. fuck that flame that burns within you. fuck you. fuck me. fuck everything.
lets be a litttttttttlle selfish.

zaza at 12:29 am

4 angels shot me


at December 18, 2007 Blogger c e e d y said...

its in the air - feel the same....

just i need to go fishing first to "sell" fish :)

at December 19, 2007 OpenID parallelrebellion said...

in the end you just end up fucking yourself.

but yes, cheers!


at December 19, 2007 Blogger zazafeefi said...

haha fuck that too,

and fuck that too!

at December 21, 2007 Blogger asheyy said...

sigh.. sab bakwas hai=/

fucking doesnt help.
at all.

or does it..=/


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