8 Dec 2007

i gaze up at the sky. its a clear night and i can see all the stars. i wonder when i will see you again. i miss you terribly. i wonder how things will be. life changes but some things remain the same. times doesnt heal. some forms of pain just never go away. i want to cry but i feel so numb. perhaps my tears have frozen and i must think of a way to defrost them. im so fusterated. theres so many things going on that i cant get to the root of anything. im not whining. im just trying to breathe. every night i promise myself that i will change. that things will be different. that life is a phase and it too will pass. that things one day wont corrode the shit out of me. that good things are on the way.that i must keep holding onto this thread of hope. and i wake up everyday and find that everything is still the same. and everyday i wake up to find that everything is still the same.

zaza at 9:29 pm

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at December 09, 2007 Blogger c e e d y said...

dear friend.....
it will be as this as become a process within you which doe not require effort...like breathing

you have to give an effort to visualize a better and happy you, it will be tough in the beginning but one you get the hang of it - it will come naturally....and hopefully you will wake up with a smile


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