1 Jan 2008

dear old lady,

i can see that youre not at all comfortable sleeping in that upright position. cant you see how my seat is tilted so farback and my long legs are sticking out infront of me? i would have helped adjust the seat but i was scared because you look so weak. i was worried that your bones would break and noone would be able to mend them because he who used to mend them is amongst us no more. on a lighter note, can you please stop fingering your nose because its totally freaking me out and also because i cant inch any futher away from you.


zaza at 1:56 pm

3 angels shot me


at January 02, 2008 Blogger d SINNER!!! said...

was that a real experience?

at January 02, 2008 Blogger zazafeefi said...


at January 04, 2008 Blogger *~*{Sameera}*~* said...

He he he!Don't know who is more pitiable,you or her :)


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