3 Apr 2008

afifi love

They ask me what is wrong and before long, I sing them a sad song. There is so much pain that I cannot explain and on my soul forever engraved is your name. The smile on my face leaves me at a rapid pace and I feel like an utter disgrace. It’s just me and my thoughts and believe me, there’s lots. Dreams within me begin to die and consequently, I begin to cry. My tears flow as my worries grow and my deeply embedded scars begin to show. They think all my feelings are dead and that happiness has forever gone to bed. They ask me what’s wrong and I want to tell them so bad, but it will take too long.

zaza at 11:36 am

2 angels shot me


at April 06, 2008 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

you know what i can relate to your post...pain grow sometime so much that words diminish...all expression become minimal to describe it..

at April 06, 2008 Blogger Alesea said...

loved it...it seems that u have written some days of my life, chronically...nice writing style


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