27 Apr 2008

back to basics

back to blogging now. its been far to long. but im back. i think, i hope. even if its a one liner or a cool picture, i will try updating my blog regularly. and hey, i honestly dont care whos reading or not. whats done cant be undone. whats said has been said. and some things just need to be let out, one way or another, else i might choke on them.

so whats been new with me?
university life. lots of Facebook. exams. cheap thrills. parties. leaving everything till the last minute and trying to get everything done in one night. binge eating. family. betrayal. friends. more betrayal. betrayal galore. feelings of being let down all the time. who to trust? where to run to when my heart is overburdened with angst and hurt and all the other cool, sad sounding words that you can think of?

before i get back to blogging again, let me just say that my posts arent aimed at anyone as such. theyre simply an imbalanced mixture and raw thoughts brought about by everyday fusterations, the nagging past and the anticipation of the future.

im so confused that its not even funny.
i build myself and rebuild myself only for you to corrode me over and over.
i feel absolutely numb. insensitive. almost insane.
but nobody is aware.
nobody knows.

zaza at 6:59 pm

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