11 May 2008

Elizabeth Dunn: Have you ever loved anyone so much you didn't care what happened to yourself? You just had to be with them. If they look at you, your heart stops. If you feel their breath on your skin, you just ache. Have you ever craved anyone so much you didn't exist any more?

Dr. Philippa Horwood: No.

Elizabeth Dunn: I have.

i watched it last night. oh man what awesomeness. super film. i absolutely loved it.

zaza at 9:56 am

4 angels shot me


at May 11, 2008 Blogger ...Vindicated... said...

got to see the flick now (~:

at May 12, 2008 Blogger d SINNER!!! said...

thnx for recommending...


at May 12, 2008 Blogger Akshay said...

That sure sounds intense!!

at May 12, 2008 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

i have read this quote before on Lost Quotes loved it!
and thx for recommending
will watch in s.vaction
right now stuck in stupid xams! heck this medical so stressful


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