2 May 2008

home for the weekend. food all around. i love food. for me, its an addiction. im trying to cut down though because ive been eating like an animal. ive also begun to use the treadmill again. there is so much going on in my head. i wish i could take out my brain and let it rest. or something. because by the looks of it, if i dont stop thinking so fucking much, my head will explode and dislocated itself from its designated location. uni is out for the summer, but ill still be at my manchester place next week and the week after. exams went well, thankfully, considering that all my revision was done in one night. yes literally. its tahas birthday today. hes 4 years old. gawd how time flies. horrible. hmm. what else. he keeps haunting me but im trying to push him out of my head. he just wont flush out completely, that stubborn piece of shit. what assholes all species of men are. sons of bitches. i hate them. i feel somewhat like a feminist. heck, i am a feminist. thats a different story. anyway. summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing: hayfever is back, which means i look awful. my eyes just wont stop itching, and they become all puffy. the sneezing and nose dripping is awful but its not that bad yet because its just starting. apparently, 80% of us will suffer from it this time.

right im off for now.
more later.
behave yourselves.

zaza at 12:21 pm

5 angels shot me


at May 02, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Taha

at May 03, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the pink shade in your pic

at May 03, 2008 Blogger black coffee said...

i loved the template.
and u hav a nice blog!

well i know the deal with men! they are SOBs alright! but u cant live with em and cant live without em!

Happy birthday to the lil guy!
until laters,

at May 03, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


at May 09, 2008 Blogger wacko said...


assholes, sons of bitches..whaaaaaaaat?!?!

lol, i knw..we are! :P



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