17 May 2008

upon smoking, he said: 'ajeeb hai. marnay ka showk tumhay hai...magar marnay ka tareeka meray pass hai'

ha. creativity all round. so whats been happening there where you are?

the Sun seems to have left us again,
and we are being reunited with grey skies, despite not wanting to.
hurray. so miserable. life.

the only thing left to do is eat and eat till i literally explode.
or would that be suicide?

zaza at 9:44 pm

4 angels shot me


at May 20, 2008 Blogger Shekhar said...

Like that line.... :)

at May 23, 2008 Blogger zazafeefi said...

i like your blog!
blogrolled ya

at May 24, 2008 Blogger Shekhar said...

Thanks. Hope to see you visit more often.

at May 24, 2008 Blogger Shekhar said...

Thanks. I hope you keep visiting it more often. And you would find me here very often :)


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