29 Jun 2008

the button theif

yesssss. im not that useless after all. ive learnt how to stitch. in the learning stages, i got pretty annoyed because i have never been able to do petty things, like putting thread through the needle as its eye gazes back at me. i shouldnt really brag about it but its a big thing for me because before today, i couldnt stitch at all. now im stitching buttons on a cushion cover. am in the middle of making a button cushion. ive been going all round the house, secretly ripping buttons off peoples clothes, decided that was a little mean, then decided to buy them off ebay. i am hoping that my next post will be a picture of my completed button cushion.

now is time for a few questions that have been playing on my mind. questions that i havent been able to find the answers to, despite searching high and low. what do you do when the little things you hold onto for the sake of sanity have died a painful death? you can delete someone off a chat list but is it possible to delete them from your heart? if you cant delete them from your heart, is it love? in a perfect equation, does eternal love equal to endless suffering? is there such a thing as a perfect equation or are we all just blinded by something that doesnt really exist? love. it kills me everyday but i somehow manage to come back to life. its like a suicide show, set on repeat. gawd, i always end up writing about love and how its killing me. there is just no escape is there? a thought crossed my mind as to what would become of me when i get married and youre not my other half. i didnt know what to think so i decided not to think that far, and buried that thought deep somewhere in my head, with a pile of other things not to think about. yet. i take each day as it is thrown at me.

anyways. best be off.
thank you muchly for reading my crap.

p.s. dear I. i hope im not half but fully forgiven.

zaza at 11:43 pm

11 angels shot me


at June 30, 2008 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

There are somethings no one can change. The pain is always going to be there. If we are lucky enough we might find some happiness in life which might help us forget that pain.

Anything written truthfully and from the heart is never a crap. So relax!!!

And more importantly, its my personal belief, if the love was true, we should know how to completely forgive from deep within. Coz love whether present or lost really brings the best out from within for all of us.

at June 30, 2008 Blogger Ersalan said...

Those were perhaps two of the most weirdest paragraphs that i have ever read... with respect to each other of course. It was an interesting read though

at June 30, 2008 Blogger mayz said...

**love. it kills me everyday but i somehow manage to come back to life. its like a suicide show, set on repeat

love...well its venom and elixir mixed in d same thing...u cant live with it nor without it...it'll kill u slowly yet keep givin u life everytime u run out heartbeats...it'll give u a new life everyday to tk it away d nxt moment...dnt get into its mysteries...u'll neva b able to understand it...jus live wid d heartbeats it gives u...

ps : wats a cushion button???? :P

at June 30, 2008 Blogger mayz said...

oops i meant "button cushion"

at June 30, 2008 Blogger A Liberated Soul said...

Button cushion, I would like to make one myself, if you tell me how you do it.

at June 30, 2008 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I wonder what the "forgiving" part is about? :-)

at June 30, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

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at June 30, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

i walk alone: right you are, thanks for your comment. the last line is for a friend of mine and NOT the someone i love.. i shudda made that clear :|

ersalan: hahahha, tis called creativity! atleast u found em interesting. welcome to bloggerville!

mayz: too late, ive already been embraced by its mystery..im probably on a different level now!! a button cushion is just a cushion cover, decorated with buttons. nothing extravagant :p

liberated soul: im no pro so ive just randomly stitched buttons all over. you could make a design like stitching buttons in a spiral or square shape, or make a butterfly!

raaji: im kindof having an argument with a gud friend of mine :|

at June 30, 2008 Blogger Ali said...

in the words of a friend:

Things change
but they remain.

It's never too late to realize.

at July 01, 2008 Anonymous Mr & Mrs X said...

hey nice blog :)

at July 02, 2008 Blogger Paul J said...

i forgive you twice!


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