9 Jun 2008

if someone labels you as 'crazy', do you have to live up to that label that they have so generously given you? ive been really ill for the past few days. hayfever = bitch.

A warning sign,
I missed the good part then I realized,
I started looking and the bubble burst.
I started looking for excuses.

Come on in,
I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in,
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones,
That I started looking for a warning sign.
When the truth is,
I miss you.
Yeah the truth is,
That I miss you so.

A warning sign,
You came back to haunt me and I realized,
That you were an island and I passed you by,

You were an island to discover.

Im tired, I should not have let you go. So I crawl back into your open arms.

coldplay. warning sign.

if someone asks me 'what is love?' i will smile and walk the other way. then a few years later, i will ask them the same thing, and they will smile and walk the other way. i dont care, or atleast i think i dont.

i know youre reading this.
i hate you for what you did but i dont care.
cos what goes around comes back around.

zaza at 10:45 pm

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at June 10, 2008 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hmm seems like a mix-match of various songs... but beautifully put together :-)

at June 10, 2008 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

get well soon Zabs *hugs*
btw Warning Sign by Coldplay is a nice track..there's some part of it which i can totally relate..well most of the tracks are somewhat related to our lives..isn't it?

at June 10, 2008 Blogger d SINNER!!! said...

and u are the DJ...

rock on gal...:P


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