11 Jun 2008

its amazing what you can pick up at the library. i picked up this. http://whatcolourisgrief.co.uk/book/index.htm this is the online version, but the printed copy is exactly the same. its amazing i loved every bit of it. infact im going to do one of my own. its poetry and art. writing words to go with images. ive brought a sketch pad, paints, felt tips and glitter. im going to call it 'pages of my burning life.' i need to think of a front cover. so atlast ive found something to keep me busy during Summer! and after my book is complete, i shall give it to someone special. whoever that will be. unleash thy creativity cells.

p.s the hayfever is still there and is molesting me. grrrrrr!

p.p.s. sylvia plath is a fecking genius.

zaza at 6:04 pm

2 angels shot me


at June 13, 2008 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

great link thanks for telling
and good luck! :)

at June 14, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

thankyou. its not going too well, i wish i had an artist to work with so i cud tell him/her what to paint n i cud supply the wOrds


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