20 Jun 2008

listening to Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis.


i think i will die untouched; completely submersed and drowning in love with not a life saver in sight. when a life needs saving, life savers hide in their hidey holes and gaze out at you; wondering how long you will survive like this, wondering how long you will exist on one persons words that circle your head everyday and corrode the living daylights out of you.

people. i say this because i care and i know you already know this and you dont chose to or you often dont have much say in the matter. but do not ever fall properly, head over heels, psychotically in love because you will end up like a beautiful building after it has suffered an earthquake and no one will care. your whole life will be right infront of you as nothing but a zillion little shards of broken glass. and you will try so hard to put the pieces back together and make everything whole but the shards of glass will pierce your fingers and make them bleed.

yet dont you find yourself thinking that what is a little blood when you have love? what is a mountain of pain when you have the strength to love somebody? these thoughts seem mere and belittle themselves when you find yourself being caressed from the inside by the rays of love. its not right. it aint right. my advice: dont keep justifying your fucking actions. dont keep holding on to something that has gone. dont look back and wish for things to change because it just doesnt happen.

now i too have a wish.
i wish i could take my own fucking advice.

zaza at 12:07 am

13 angels shot me


at June 20, 2008 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

Liked the way you conveyed the whole message. Loved the contrast from the way you started it to the way you ended it.

These lines seemed to very true. Could relate to them right away...
"...yet dont you find yourself thinking that what is a little blood when you have love? what is a mountain of pain when you have the strength to love somebody?"

and the best was the way you ended it

"i wish i could take my own fucking advice."

Wish we could all accept these harsh realities with little less pain.

at June 20, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

thankYou. your post was quite an ispiration so its your fault that this post of mine came into being! love is eternal :|

at June 20, 2008 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

I agree love is eternal. I admit my fault. And would continue to make such mistakes if it leads to you write such beautiful posts :)

Take care. God bless.

at June 20, 2008 Blogger d SINNER!!! said...

okay next time gal...take sm time out and write something for us-those who already are the earthquake shattered buildings

at June 20, 2008 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

i guess your post came a bit late *sigh*
its almost over or atleast thats what it looks like..i am still clinging to my last hope although it is highly unlikely that i'd be able to make it..believe you me its not easy to accept your defeat especially when it sapped everything out of you but still your dream couldn't come true:)

at June 21, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

i walk alone: i feel like these 'beautiful posts' are a waste, at times. i mean you type your heart out. and? whats the point, you know? its not like it greatly eases the pain :C

d sinner: oh im also part of 'us', an earthquake shattered building. i shall write when i am raped by inspiration

illusion: i believe you :] n its worse when everythings gone, yet you cant accept defeat because like i said before, 'love is eternal' a feeling of hopelessness that gnaws at you continually. ouch?

at June 21, 2008 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

And you think not writing it down helps in easing the pain??? If it does not then you can surely be happy that you are able to express what you feel.

Keep writing. Take care. God bless.


at June 21, 2008 Blogger mayz said...

really like d way u have put across both d sides...comparison of d black n d white...but its always grey...purple, blue, pink too at times :)

but nothin can beat love...d contradictions...d confusion...d choas...d pain...d happiness...d giggle...d tears...

**dont you find yourself thinking that what is a little blood when you have love?

loved this line...so true!!!

blogrollin ya!!!

at June 22, 2008 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

I am in a process of passing on a tag.... So you have been tagged :)

at June 22, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

mayz, im blog rollin u too. thanks a lot for dropping by, appriciated muchly.

i walk alone, i havent done a tag wala post in soo long but OK! il do it

at June 24, 2008 Anonymous salman said...

It's true that true love brings pain - too much pain infact. Physical pain is nothing - its dis pain of not loved by the one whom we love, not being able to convey what we most want to- it's dis feeling that stifles the senses and wears down our soul.
That's all so right!!
But wel....sometimes we should abandon these earthquake shattered buildings and find solace from this killing pain.

at June 24, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

easier said than done. you write well! thanks for droppin by

at June 25, 2008 Anonymous salman said...

Never give up tryin though :)
n thanks


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