18 Aug 2008

hello all you happy people.

today i ate 6 samosas in one sitting. no im not kidding and no they werent those tiny ones. they were the proper size ones. my friend had just 2. she said that having 2 was normal. was she indirectly suggesting that having 6 was abnormal? am i abnormal for eating 6 or not? she said i shocked her, i liked that though. i love shocking people. she said it would have been understandable if a guy ate that much. should i have been a guy?

things are taking a new turn, for the best. life is good. ha i havent said that in a while. guess its true. God really does help those who help themselves. we should never give up when the going gets tough because pulling through it really pays off. its not good to repeat yourself. just say it once and if the other person gets it, fair. if they dont get it, pick up your pieces and move on because they arent worth it. somewhere along the line, they will realise.

bye from me until next time.

zaza at 9:09 pm

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at August 18, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not really weird i am a guy and i have eaten like 1 and a half pizza if you did that i might be shocked not by this sorry
and you cant leave someone you love like that you give them one chance and if they dont come throw you leave them just like that
lastly i feet i little sad after i read your last post i have been reading you log for sometime now and it has always made me think at times even helped me grow and yeah this is the first time i am leaving a coment
dark knight
ps:i have been using this name long before the batman move lol

at August 19, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

'why so serious?' haha. im so glad my blog did that for you. i wont just stop bloggin, but it wont be as much. probably will update once a week or something.

and you dont find my eating strange, but you have to take into account that imma girl!

+ thanks for dropping by :)

at August 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, did they get it? Did you leave them behind so that some day they will get it? I find that it is helpful to help them out if they don't get it the first time. It is, after all, you, who needs something from them. Some, who have been burnt before, are more pessimistic and need reassurance.
Are you moving on so that some day you can say "they didn't realize what they were missing. Too bad for them".

Is it something like that? Or did they really get it?


at August 19, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

hashir. its all seriously messed up. but i nearly went mad in 'love' stupid me i fell somewhere beyond love. na, i wud never think 'too bad, his loss, im too good for him' i dont think like that. maybe i went mad and now ive found my sanity and everything is falling into place.

*respect* for droppin by.

at August 19, 2008 Anonymous dark knight said...

maybe a little but you exercise and you are not fat(know that for a fact) so you can eat as much as you want
i have a little girl cuzn around 5 and she can eat 2 whole zingers i have to say thats something i find weird

at August 19, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

ha ha ha. i dont excercise much but Ramzan is coming up - its a month of dieting aah. n thats not wierd, shes so cool! i should have an eating competition with her. the most ive ever eaten at McDonalds is 3 fish filets with large fries and a drink! *proud*

at August 19, 2008 Anonymous dark knight said...

its on now
that and you havent eaten anything sad fully have to say eat more
yes why so serious

at September 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn!!! I didnt know eating 6 samosas could be abnormal... Coz occasionally I end up eating slighly more than that ;)

Nice to see some positivity flowing... Really happy to see a smile on your face girl...

God bless ya!!!


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