8 Jan 2009

haule haule.

zaza at 2:50 pm

3 angels shot me


at January 08, 2009 Anonymous A lost soul said...

Silence...To me others words have lost meaning; as people rarely do what they say, To me the world has lost itself to greed, selfishness, and chaos, To me only comes jinns and the evilness of being alone, To me comes the misery of silence, To me will come the angel of death and ask me; How did you live your life in the way of Allah? I will be dumbfounded as I remember what I chased for: Education, peer respect, a career, a family....The dunya, I forgot my purpose as a slave to Him, I was distracted by the world for brief moment and my life passed away, a wasted light that could have shown others the way to the path but kept silent. I pray Allah opens our eyes and make our heart soft again to hear his call and believe again that this life is but a flicker in a flame that will burn forever through the ages.

at January 10, 2009 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

Nice song... isn't it? I hope that's what you are referring to as well?

at January 24, 2009 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...



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