16 Jul 2009

ive graduated. and it still hasnt sunk in yet.

zaza at 9:05 pm

7 angels shot me


at July 18, 2009 Blogger I Walk Alone!!! said...

A very hearty congratulations!!! :)

at July 19, 2009 Blogger zaza said...

why thank you

at July 21, 2009 Anonymous Salman Latif said...

Congratulations (:

at July 25, 2009 Blogger Paul J said...

i thought i was still drunk when i looked at this picture.
then i realized that maybe the picture-taker was.
then i realized that there is nothing to realize, and you deserve the biggest congrats.
congradulations, kiddo.
whole new world now.

at July 25, 2009 Blogger shinday' said...

you made it zabs..you're a graduate now..many many congratulations to you: )

at July 27, 2009 Blogger zaza said...

thanks lots =]

at November 26, 2009 Anonymous Usman Shahzada said...

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