17 May 2012

Heart String Snapper.

Do you care? With your dewy eyes and stony stare? Is your heart there, where it should be? Are you blind or just oblivious to what you see? Is your mind missing, or is it just me? My minds eye can see right through you. Take off your trendy trainers and try putting on my shoes. I wear my heart upon my sleeve but the scar that I bear upon it is something that you obviously fail to see. Maybe you will never know what it feels like to be me. Not that I want you to. We all bear big burdens and sometimes these scars run way too deep. When you think the bad times are gone, sit alone and watch them creep up and engulf you entirely. When the good times roll, trust me when I say the bad times are not so far away. My tears flow steadily and you fail to see them falling. Ignore my pleas and my silent calling, as you have always done. The world offers no hand to hold when you are out in the cold, letting your heart unfold. And when you are on your hands and knees crawling, you might just realise that I feel this way because I care. 

© Zainab Bhatti

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