30 May 2012


The well of sadness is so full that I am at the risk of drowning. My smile has gone and I can feel myself frowning.  To the world, a smile is enough to let them know you are ok, but what am I to do with this sadness; this dwindling downward spiral that keeps pulling me under? The tides are so high that they engulf me from every corner, and I have no choice but to drown, if only to survive yet again. Maybe I am going through a helpless phase at the moment but this too shall pass. It is not nice to be bombarded by alien emotions and feelings you thought were extinct. I must carry on and keep going even though my feet can no longer carry me and my legs are threatening to give way; it will only get better. The downward spiral will soon snap, and perhaps pierce my heart, but at least it would have broken. Time will tell and time will cure, as time is a healer of ambiguous thoughts. The blurry clouds in my head will soon disappear, and it will be like they never existed. The Sun will shine through my mind and make me whole again with its healing element. I feel like I have been stuck in this long queue for a while now, but hope is near. Until then, I must keep holding onto those invisible rays of optimism and faith that keep me feeling like I have a reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to smile, a reason to be happy; a reason to live...

zaza at 7:46 pm

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