9 May 2012


It has just been one of those days where nothing makes sense and nothing goes right, but my definition of right may be your definition of wrong. the rain and the absolutely miserable is not helping. just fed up. I am missing my homeland. A lot. Not to mention my family. And just generally choking on nostalgia. Repeatedly. I know many many peoples lives are and that I should be grateful for what I have, and trust me I am. But what do you with feelings that you just cannot push aside? Feelings that keep attacking you from all angles? It's like you are covered head to toe in honey, and the feelings are in the form of a thousand buzzy bees, if not more. I feel a little numb on the inside. Funny how you have to wear a smile and face the world, though the world inside you might be breaking and falling apart. Maybe it was already broken and you have only just realised. So who is going to put it all back together? Mend it? Place the pieces of jigsaw where they belong? Sew your seams that have come apart? Who? Your other half? God? Yourself? A combination of all three? None of these?

Has the ship already sunk? Have you come to find the remains?

zaza at 10:26 pm

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