31 May 2006

please help. help me - cried a little voice.
im lost

zaza at 9:32 pm

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30 May 2006

i know i have 2 left feet
dancing is always fun
even if its just with Taha

zaza at 1:17 pm

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28 May 2006

randomness personified

i know mine are ugly but thank ALLAH - atleast ive got some. and for those of you who know which ones are mine, please keep your traps shut...

zaza at 10:29 am

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24 May 2006


about my poems, a close-ish friend said..(i quote)

"...they really helped me understand wht actually the life is........."
now THAT has absolutely made my life worth living!

zaza at 8:05 pm

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21 May 2006

depression? thats soo last year...
then what exactly going on?
(not talking about myself here)

zaza at 10:04 pm

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20 May 2006

fat fatter fattest ... fattestest

upon sending her a recent motu pic of mine:

ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
looks like uve got mumps
ﺮﻴﺰﻋ ﺏﻧﻳﺯ {SHAWERAMA} says:
yaar ive gone so fat but i just cant stop eating
ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
haww zab
ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
stop now

and again, from the same convo

ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
wasay the fat suits u but aur moti na hona
(meaning to urdu illiterates: the fat suits you but dont get any fatter)

ive put on weight...ive never been one for dieting. theres food everywhere and i seem to give in to temptations...something must be done bout these emotional problems with food. on top of ballooning all over the place, my hairs going SO frizzy its out of control...

and someone is taking far to long to get rotiyan from the market [ lol ]

zaza at 6:16 pm

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19 May 2006

So upon the topic of weirdness, this is what my lovely bright eyed Ribbon once said to me… (Slightly adapted)

‘Everyone is weird in some way or another, but it’s just your weirdness is too obvious’

So far, in my 19 years of (crummy, anyone?) life, I can recall 15 people actually calling me weird/scary...Now that’s something to worry about… [ lol ]

zaza at 8:59 pm

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18 May 2006

haramzada! soor ka bacha!

zaza at 8:25 pm

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16 May 2006

old fashioned

i got a sega mega drive 16 bit with Sonic and Tails, from ebay - my cousin and bro are making fun of me. lol. but lots of memories with Sega and ushi & co. remember the tension when we got to the 'boss' ahahah aaaaaa sweeeet memories!

zaza at 3:38 pm

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14 May 2006


zaza at 4:13 pm

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12 May 2006

"shes got blister on the soles of her feet, she cant walk but shes trying..."

i got a HUGEEEE poster of LEMAR on my wall today...its soo cooool!! when i listen to his CD its like hes singing to me ahaha

zaza at 6:57 pm

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11 May 2006

doctor: so youre 19?
me: yes
doctor: are you single?
me: yes
doctor: studying?
me: yes, im at uni
doctor: where are you originally from?
me: pakistan, we came here 4 years back
doctor: youre very fair
me: o, am i?
doctor: yes, are you Kashmiri?
me: *grinning* no im not

yes, he was a indian or pakistani...lololol! Married too - i saw the ring on his finger! ahahah

zaza at 12:41 pm

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first driving lesson tday at 3.15pm
20 pounds for 1 hour!! aarggghh!
but i can hardly wait

zaza at 9:04 am

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9 May 2006


come on people sing with me...
mera chaiin vaiin subb ujhra
zalim nazar hatta leh

zaza at 10:57 am

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7 May 2006

random thoughts

the world is falling apart, and theres nothing we feeble mortals can do about it. take it from me; the world is falling apart. and when im gone, mayhap you will find yourself sitting and wondering what was wrong. but dont worry. because i'll always be there to tell you that YOU NEVER ASKED.
p.s. for those of you undergoing exam stress - GUDLUCK!!

zaza at 10:51 am

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5 May 2006

blue-ly hair

zaza at 2:12 pm

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3 May 2006

(and dont ask me why coz i aint gonna tell)

zaza at 8:35 pm

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2 May 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday Taha Rose

zaza at 5:17 pm

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1 May 2006

zaza has dyed her hair a navy blue colour and feels very very cool...

zaza at 7:21 pm

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