31 Jan 2006

my birfday :0)

it was really cool - dad surprized me with a HUGE cake!! i treated everyone though, which means i paid for the food n now im £100 short! it was great all in all- we even had a fake drinking contest like losers (with bottled water! lol!) n hey, look at the evidence, i won. haaaaaaaaaha.

zaza at 9:26 pm

my apologies

sorry for not updating
im waiting for my cousin to send me my birthday pics
so i can put em up!!
i do apoliogize.

zaza at 1:00 pm

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29 Jan 2006


right now, im really into Eminem -

his latest song

and the lyrics to WHEN IM GONE is

absolutely brilliant.

zaza at 3:28 pm

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28 Jan 2006

direct from ushi

ok this is one of those embarassing kid pictures which i am glad i kept so i could embarass zabstar with :) so which one is zab???

so when zabster was little she used to get to play the little black boy :) go figure....... ofcourse i was always the villain and ash and lali had to be the cute girls. now if u observe both of them well i wonder why ahhah .
it was a known fact that a normal persons bermudas could act as zabs shorts :). she was better known as the midget now the fact that she is 5.7 is neither here nor there.

so then there was a time where zab and i used to be partnered together for our annual dancing tournaments against lali and ash, i swear the judges were biased. they preferred comedy to style and class which ofcourse zab and i had. so once against our better judgements we lowered our standards and did a great comedy dance. and well what do u know we won.

i remember making small braids out of zabs hair (the birds nest) thinking that maybe braids would help her sort them out. well bad choice the spiders web i made never opened and i had to rip apart her hair to untangle them. major pain i tell you, not for me but her.

check out zabsters necklace and head band man we thought we were so cool back then. i mean the yellow track suit ashs wearing was one of lalis favs and em supposedly the in thing. ah!! zabstar its been fun having those times

zaza at 2:08 pm

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26 Jan 2006


i feel like a



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25 Jan 2006


ok now tell me. isnt this wierd?? in our fish tank, there are about 13 goldfish. only recently, i realised that this one only has one eye!! the pictures taken show the 'eyeless' side of the fish ... *shudder!*

zaza at 6:05 pm

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23 Jan 2006

laanti kuttay

this program came on yesterday:
take your time and scroll through it.
tauba im so scared -
do you believe that there were actually 2 women - in niqabs - preaching about HOMOSEXUALITY???
and all the gays in the program were PAKISTANIS!!!
they had such laanat on their faces - tauba.
God Forbid.

zaza at 8:56 pm

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happy :)

bday was ok - thou we have a major dinner planned for next Sunday.
dad n bro surprized me with a delish choc cake at 12!
cousins called - tankooo lali td ushi.
i was on the train and after they put the fone down - i was grinning
all the way home...
and from the other side, a man was giving me wierd looks a.k.a kanikheeya-fying
or maybe it was all part of the poondi game lol
im busy this week - teaching placement. *sigh*
some kids are so rude - i honestly feel like slapping them.
stupid fools ~ BAAAAAAAAH!

p.s Ush, people with low self-esteem fall in 'love' very easily...that shud answer many questions dontchathink?

zaza at 6:49 pm

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21 Jan 2006


its my 19th birthday on Monday the 23rd Jan.

zaza at 8:17 pm

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20 Jan 2006

a billa called mottu

heres a billa. he belongs to a psycho, S, living in KARACHI - cute hai, henna? hes called MOTTU - hahaha!

zaza at 8:24 pm

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19 Jan 2006


we all agree hes the biggest bastard around - dont we!??

zaza at 8:12 pm

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ok so while 3 way msning, some hushed secrets came out of nowhere despite me trying to control the situation in an orderly manner...(yea right!!)
hey, no one can sue me for being a hopeful in the running of ... stuff!
haha...atleast it puts a grin on my face.

and heres a picture of my darling baby bro whos having a blazzt in pakistan. lucky for some! miss you meri taakko bell - !

zaza at 3:01 pm

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17 Jan 2006

Diversity ...

Someone’s smiling,
Someone’s crying,
Someone’s giving birth,
Someone’s dying.
Someone’s starving,
Someone’s over eaten,
Someone’s being loved,
Someone’s being beaten.
Someone’s world is black,
Someone’s world is bright,
Someone is a winner,
Someone just lost the fight.
Someone’s hair is curly,
Someone’s hair is straight,
Someone’s time comes early,
Someone has a long wait.
Someone’s depressed,
Someone’s uplifted,
Someone’s blessed,
Someone’s truly gifted.
Someone’s heart is breaking,
Someone’s thoughts are mending,
Someone’s life is starting,
Someone’s existence is ending.

zaza at 3:30 pm

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15 Jan 2006


i dont really write much rap. so far, ive just written 2 and they seem lame. this is the 2nd one i wrote yesterday...i think its crap, to be honest. its called HAPPY ENDINGS. tell me what ya really think??

Its one of those days
When I’m sat there revising
My mind tracks back
And I start realising,
How fucked up I was
Many mistakes I made
The paths I treaded on
And the prices I paid,
Sometimes I think
I’d be better of dead
And I’m feeling relief
Now that that’s been said,
Closed in my life
And life is a cage
Right now I wanna destroy it
Burn it page by page,
Just take me by my hand
And leave me to drown
Watch me as I mutate
My smile to a frown,
Choked by your thoughts
I can hardly relax
Staring at the machine
Waiting for your fax,
Snapped back to reality
Eyes gazing at the floor
Startled in dark silences
With that knock on the door,
I open it
And there you stand
Foxy lady
Looking ever so grand,
Lean legs, perfect pout
Must be fatal attraction
So c’mon sexy mama
Are you ready for some action?

zaza at 2:20 pm

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13 Jan 2006

life...or somethin like it

this probably sounds really cheeeeeeezy for a dark minded mortal
i want to have deep conversations with someone.
someone who can make perfect sense of what im saying.
someone who understands.
someone who appriciates me.
someone who really cares.
i think its time for me to tie the knot.
my heart has been healed;
after a really really long time.
its whole. intact. together.
ready for someone to -
break again,
crumble again,
demolish again.

oh knight in shining armour...
where art thou?

zaza at 8:12 pm

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12 Jan 2006

closer than ever

im trying to smile
i want to go past
that dreaded mile.
im trying to walk
cutting up my tongue
as i talk.
im trying to live
it would be easier
to go the opposite way.

zainab bhatti

zaza at 11:26 am

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10 Jan 2006

england dammit

got here 6 hours ago
today is the shittiest day ive had in ... forever
im down with the sickness called Pakistan Fever
if theres such a thing.
a funny thing happened on the plane - 2 things actually.
first, there was a really old guy CONSTANTLY staring at me.
couldnt really say anything to em coz hes elder and blah blah.
second, i met a friend of mine, Z, whom i havent seen in...well..forever!
life is wierd and glum and plainly dumb right now.
im confused and blue.

zaza at 4:27 pm

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8 Jan 2006

hukka power...

'I was gonna go to class before i got high I couldve cheated And i couldve passed But i got high Im taking the next semester And i know why...Because i got high Because i got high Because i got high...' - AFROMAN.
[it was ushi's treat so its not relly my fault...]

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6 Jan 2006


zaza at 12:09 pm

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