30 Sep 2005

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27 Sep 2005

Death. By bad breath!

On my way back home, amidst slight aroma of looserish farting travellers [ !! ], I managed to write 3 poems! This is the one I think is best.

“How long till we get to York?”
He said while eating strips of pork
“22 more minutes and then we’re there”
I breathed out, in great despair
He died on the spot
I knew not why
It wasn’t painful, for he didn’t cry
The reason he died, now I can pick
It’s just – that day I had been eating
Onions and garlic.

P.s. Aisha! I miss yewwwww!!

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26 Sep 2005

Wierdo's Undercover

While chatting to an exceptionally devout, very hard working, extremely intelligent and pious mortal yesterday, I realised something which I haven’t really thought about. I realised that we all are weirdo’s undercover. [That is the exact word she used] I like that word. Weirdo’s undercover. Even the most intelligential, philosophic person has attributes of weirdness, which we cant really see but just because you cant see it does not go to say that its not there. Kinda like abstract nouns. Feelings, emotions. Some things tend to be beyond vision, past the human eye. Kinda like all those dreams you have deep inside you, sometimes floating in your mind, rising to the surface yet sinking back down. Dreams have only one owner at a time. That's why dreamers are lonely. But tell me this – what is the point of having all those dreams when you aren’t willing to make them happen?

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23 Sep 2005

And then what...?

Just incase you get the wrong idea, i DO NOT smoke/drink/drug and i try not to dress scantily...here goes...

You think your life isn’t great. You start going out at night time to get drunk so you can forget your miseries for a while. And then what? You accidentally have a one night stand which haunts you for the rest of your life. And then what? You get a tattoo on your lower back which reads BAD GIRL or something stupid like that. And then what? You start smoking/drugging. And then what? You start dressing scantily because it makes you feel good. And then what? You get a bad reputation in your extended family. And then what? Your all-famous Mrs. Shit Stirring Aunty [who I know wont be reading this blog] who claims to be the best Muslim on Earth starts gossiping about you like no tomorrow? And then what? People hear about your past and though you are very pretty, no-one comes forward with a marriage proposal for their computer engineer son? And then what? You realize how your parents had been right about everything which once annoyed you to death. And then what? You look around to thank them for being such awesome parents. And then what? You look around and realise that God took them away before you had the chance to do that. And then what? You pour your poor heart out but recognize that no-one cares any more. And then what? You wait for death to approach from around the corner and take you away. And then what? Do you have the slightest idea of what lies on the other side, or are you just pretending and living a big fat lie?

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22 Sep 2005

Lali oh Lali...

I get so bored on the train. I mean, 2 hours, what would you do! Yes the views are great but one tends to get fed up easily. So bored that I wrote down the names of the stops where the train stops on the way back home...

YORK - Church Fenton - Micklefield - East Garforth - Garforth - Crossgates - Leeds - New Pudsey - Bradford Interchange - Halfax - Hebden Bridge - MANCHESTER ROAD, BURNLEY.

Hmmm, then I wrote a poem in memory of my dear mortal cousin, who lives in Pakistan but laziness does not allow her to use the Internet. Here it is, though a little lame I know [ !! ]

Lali McDali, the childhood drama queen,
Lali McDali, where on earth have you been?
It's been so long, and we haven't really been in touch,
Yet deep in my heart, I love you ever so much.
Oh Kareena Kapoor's look alike,
Do you remember the famous eggo-mike?
I remember how i made you laugh,
My [sick] jokes somewhat made you barf!
Years have gone, but you still mean the world to me,
I hope sadness never gets to you,
And forever I wish for you to be happy.

Lali, it would be a great honour if you would just kindly post a comment on this post...ThnkYew!

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20 Sep 2005

Lecture extraction...

At a lecture today, we got some sheets and I found this bit interesting...

How do you know who you are, unless you know where you came from? How can you tell what's going to happen, unless you know what happened before? It's not about the past, its about who we are, and about what's coming up next...

Pretty deep stuff, I tell ya!

Today, the words that rolled off my tongue were "Excuse me, errr, could you tell me how to get to the York train station?" Yes, I managed to get lost on the way home and felt like a little girl in the big big world but thankfully an old English/German woman came to my rescue. Big up to old ladies!! Haha!

Life is...hmmm...cool!

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19 Sep 2005

Peaceful pissin?? no!!!

My advice to anyone who is a regular train traveller, NEVER attempt to use the train toilet no matter how desperate you get! Call me what you want, but I have an awful habit of needing to pay a visit to the all important toilet whilst travelling so I’m an exception haha. Not only did I get the privilege to be tossed about due to the moving train, I was enlightened to see sh*t splattered across the train tracks once I got back to my seat. (& NO, it WASN’T me! Lol!) WHY ALWAYS ME!? First the boogers, and now sh*t. Whatever next! University was OK I guess, din really talk to anyone as such coz it was my first day, and also I had a nafli ‘rozza’ so I was like… totally out of it. Haha! On the train ride home, dad snored while an old man stared. Now that was enough for me to start giggling…and so I did! For 2-minutes I quietly giggled, while the old man probably thought ‘what a nut.’ Dad woke some time later and pointed out to the beautiful scenery outside while I nodded half dead-edly. I was just dying to get home.
So here I am…home sweet home, fully equipped with an edible Taha!
But now I have a vaccination appointment so I’ve gotta rush!
Daimmmmmmmn…Life is HECKTICK!

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17 Sep 2005

Devil's Advocate -

Life makes at all no sense,
When living in a false pretence,
And as pain evolves and multiplies,
I’m seeing life through the Devil’s eyes.

Stumbling through a mystic route,
Daring to savour the forbidden fruit,
Many faces of torment I will greet,
As I bow down at the Devil’s feet.

Frozen in time as the world goes round,
Aside unheard screams, there is no sound,
Bleeding, scarred, and I’m feeling grand,
Until I’m slapped across the face by the Devil’s hand.

The dire scent of a corpse, rotting near by,
Such an appalling stench, oh my oh my!
Trying not to think of poetry and prose,
I’m sniffing life through the Devil’s nose.

Life is confused when living a sin,
But my hatred for you comes from within,
Smiling, slowly dying, as I’m lying in bed,
I’m thinking thoughts from the Devil’s head.

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12 Sep 2005

Parapapapa ... im lovin' it

Ok so for the first time in a very long time I had McDonald's and felt great. Most people in Pakistan say 'Uff we hate it so much' but hey, not me. I hate people who say they hate McDonald’s. Hahah. I know how bad it is, I’ve seen Super Size Me. Yet I could'nt seem to stay away. Im in heaven [ ? ]
And now for the rest of the story HAHA. After food, we went into WoolWorths. And I was in awe at what I witnessed. I saw an English girl, about 11 years old, picking her nose in public. That’s OK, I thought, we all do it though not in public. Next, she ate the sh*t, which came out of her nose! I mean, I know i'm a little disgusting when it comes down to it but thats just...downright revolting! I think I actually stood there and stared for a good few minutes, while she persistently indulged in gulping down her boogers more than once. EWWW!?

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11 Sep 2005

Food fanatics...

Friday, 10.00 pm.
Mama makes pizza, I bring it upstairs from the kitchen, Aisha cuts it into pieces, Ahmed watches carefully, mouth wateringly. Yummy-fied. We all help ourselves to one piece each, and continue to watch Imran Khan being interviewed on Rendezvous with Simi Garewell. As soon as we finish what we have on our plates, we run over to the pizza tray. Mama words ‘stop eating like you’ve never eaten before in your lives’ pass us by – in one ear and out the other. Imran Khan is forgotten. We quickly gulp down what’s on our plates, and sit happy. Aisha, being a slow eater, hasn’t yet finished eating. I gaze longingly at the pizza on her plate. She curses me. I laugh out loud. Then, the pizza on her plate falls down on the floor. She curses me again. I laugh out loud again. Life is wonderful…
We totally love to eat down here at 77 Albion Street, and our stomach’s are like big empty well’s all the time. Every time anything lip-smackingly yummy is cooked by mama the great, it’s gone within seconds…Mummies rock!

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8 Sep 2005

Dupatta-fied Hippy Loon...

I’m sitting in the public library, vigorously typing an email to a certain Niqabified. As usual, and committed solely to my habit, I look around to see what is going on around me. I’m wearing yellow trainers, loose jeans, a bright blue shirt, a white dupatta and a scorny, unapproachable look across my face. I suddenly look to my right and see a middle-aged (cute-ish?) ‘gora’ sit on the computer next to mine. 'Asalamolikum,' he says. I’m a mixture of stunned, gob-smacked and lost. I’m so not good when it comes to quick talking. (thats an understatement. im actually AWFUL at it!) Not knowing what to do, I flash him a forced, prettified smile. I quickly log off and run away, away, away. Im thinking that he's probably thinking what a loon.
Thinking back, I realize what harm would it have done to say 'Walaikumsalam'??
[ I should have thought of DR.PEPPER ... whats the worst that could have happened? ]

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7 Sep 2005

9 reasons...

I was listening to a song recently, where a guy is singing about ‘Reasons’ why he loves a woman. Not my cup of tea, really, but its not too bad. The lyrics are a bit too sugary and sickly sweet though. So, oh hopeful yet hapless mortal romantics in the crazy yet hazy world out there, this one’s for you…

· One. You light my day, you are my sun.
· Two. I cannot get enough of you.
· Three. I know that you’ll be true to me.
· Four. You keep me coming back for more.
· Five. You make my way, you carve my life.
· Six. I’m addicted, you’re my fix.
· Seven. You are here, and I’m in heaven.
· Eight. When it’s good, you make it great.
· Nine. You turn my water into wine.

The reason I will stay with you, I know that you love me too.

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Edible Taha

My baby brother Taha is soooo shweeet! He is teething at the moment. His teeth, esp the molars, are like lickle popcorn. The other day he was eating and mama laughed and said:

"Hahaha, look at Taha! Hes chewing meat with his molars."

Might not sound cute but if u have seen Taha, trust me, it will.

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6 Sep 2005

Sitting on top of the world...

Im getting in the back of our Land Rover. Its 8.30pm. Im full of apathy, hate, envy, depression. Gloom parades on stillettos. Eminem is playing in my CD player. 'You don't know how sick you make me. You make me fu*king sick to my stomach. Everytime I think of you I puke...' Im suddenly at ease, and everything is melting away. Eminem is summing up everything for me, Im smiling. I love travelling at night. Half an hour later, we are now at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The sea is at the height of perfection. A deep sea in the abyss of obscurity...I feel on top of the world, the wind is blowing. I love it here, please dont take me home. Darkness is dominant. I could stay here forever. Im feeling so happy, i feel like im going to pop any second now...bliss! As if this wasnt enough, we get fish and chips on the way home. Dad's treat, what have i to lose? I eat as much as my stomach allows me, and only a bit more. On the way home, im listening to Eminem again and smiling, half asleep as if in a trance. Life is beautiful.

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5 Sep 2005

Maybe -

Please try saying something original, rather than just 'ooo thats a nice poem' ... please!

It’s raining outside
Maybe mysticism felt my pain
And is now crying with me
His tears are the rain.
It’s roaring outside
Maybe divinity felt my fury
And is expressing His rage
The thunder is His wrath.
I persist remaining in my place
On the rock under the naked tree
Embraced by deep wounding thoughts
So deep, they almost drown me
My only reason for drowning is you.
Life passes, lessens with the day
As far as the sun and earth might be
Yet I feel your charisma, passive soul
His tears touch my heart
I soak in the echo of His anger
Living without a soul
I hope to see you soon.

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4 Sep 2005

A new start

Salaams everyone!

Welcome to Zainab's new blog! She will be posting here often, insha'Allah. Please grace her with loads of comments, praise and encouragement. All is welcome, appreciated and required!

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